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Infusing Life to Education Photos

Late post: just wanted to upload some snippets of our last seminar, “Infusing Life to Education” last May 19, 2019.

yen seminar

My favorite part of all my seminars is always the hands-on portion: I love infusing life to people! šŸ˜€

I had a slide demonstrating how a garden scene can be recorded in a nature journal.Ā  This was from my own nature journal, with plants drawn from a friend’s garden: we were there to prepare for her wedding the next day, and I loved all the beautiful things that her dad had planted and cultivated with his own hands!

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 9.23.44 AM.png

And here is a sample output by one of the moms at the seminar, who believed she wasn’t an artist:

nature study seminar

I especially loved seeing the work of those who thought themselves unable to draw. Nature study isn’t about drawing skills, really, but more of observation skills translated to paper.

Then, we also got to do hands-on time for handicrafts. I got this image online onto my slide (Source:Ā  to help instruct beginners to start finger-knitting:

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 9.24.27 AM.png

Here they go:

finger knitting seminar

I loved seeing the noncraftsy people realize they can actually do it! šŸ™‚

(And it got me inspired to think up an upcoming seminar focusing on Handicrafts! Stay tuned for details!)Ā 

I guess what’s my favorite part to a Charlotte Mason education: I believe everyone can do it! šŸ˜€



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