I started this blog as a personal collection of the things I find beauty in: be it in breathtaking nature, in soul-uplifting Scriptures, in enthralling literature, or in interesting people.

But I realize that I can also be a bigger service to my readers by adding in direct links should any of you be interested to find a copy, for example, of some of the books I rave about. 🙂 Since most of the books I’m currently enjoying are in the public domain, I hope to direct you to the link that offers the free Kindle book. (Although personally, I still prefer hard copy books! So maybe once in awhile I’ll point you in the direction of a hard copy book, too!) But in cases where the book I’m talking about is not in the public domain, I may link to Amazon, and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Just thought I’d get that out in the open! Hope you enjoy my site! 🙂