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Where to Find Living Books in the Philippines

Homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason method requires PLENTY of living books! I just love having that excuse each time I hit the secondhand bookstore here in our city. *wink* Yes, I DID say "secondhand." That's one of the perks of using the Charlotte Mason method for our homeschool: we don't pay big bucks for textbooks,… Continue reading Where to Find Living Books in the Philippines


Using FREE Audiobooks for our Charlotte Mason Homeschool

This past weekend, I lost my voice. Since my 7yo son's AmblesideOnline Year 2 school work still requires me to read his school books aloud to him---and we had quite a few books in our Charlotte Mason homeschool---it looked like he would get to have an unexpected school break of a few days! I was… Continue reading Using FREE Audiobooks for our Charlotte Mason Homeschool

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The Power of Story

Just some random ramblings on the power of story... I'm currently reading a book called "Story Genius"┬áby Lisa Cron. Its subtitle goes: "How to Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Write a Riveting Novel." I was pleasantly surprised at how insightful it was in explaining why excellently-written novels---what I believe Charlotte Mason would… Continue reading The Power of Story


Book Lovers as Book Sellers

As a professed book lover for as long as I can remember, it seems the most natural thing for me to love sharing books with other people----and this sharing comes in various forms: talking about books and recommending them to other people, lending books (and I've learned my lesson: I now keep what I call… Continue reading Book Lovers as Book Sellers

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Feasting on Beauty

Over the past few times I've held a seminar-workshop on the Charlotte Mason method, my favorite parts have always been the actual workshop. But for this particular round, which I entitled "Feasting on Beauty," I also greatly enjoyed laying the foundation of why beauty is important, and I'd like to share a little bit in… Continue reading Feasting on Beauty