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Celebrating Jesus

I've been noticing recently that soul-searching has been a common refrain among our friends, most of whom are in their thirties. Mid-life crisis, we would all joke. But as I meditated on the thought that for us who believe in Christ, there is eternity to consider, there suddenly doesn't seem to be any "mid"-life to… Continue reading Celebrating Jesus


Charlotte’s Web

With our Charlotte Mason homeschool encouraging a lot of read-alouds, particularly in the younger years when the child is still strengthening his reading skills, I am now in the third round of reading Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. (Third round, though we currently have two sons, because for a season in our lives, we had… Continue reading Charlotte’s Web


Rilla of Ingleside

Spoiler Alert: If you're about to read the book Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery, please skip reading this post. One of my favorite aspects of a Charlotte Mason education is the emphasis on the use of living books, or books that are written by a person passionate about the subject that he or she… Continue reading Rilla of Ingleside


Living Books and the Touch of Knowledge

It would seem a far cry from Undine to a 'liberal education' but there is a point of contact between the two; a soul awoke within a water-sprite at the touch of love; so, I have to tell of the awakening of a 'general soul' at the touch of knowledge. ~Charlotte Mason, Homeschooling Series Vol.… Continue reading Living Books and the Touch of Knowledge

Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason Captures my Thirst for Beauty

I first stumbled upon Charlotte Mason as a person who advocated a certain philosophy that we embraced for our homeschool. Being a British educator and reformer back in the 1800s, her ideas were deemed revolutionary during her time, and even in our recent times, when people ask me what we do for our homeschool, they… Continue reading Charlotte Mason Captures my Thirst for Beauty