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Where to Find Living Books in the Philippines

Homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason method requires PLENTY of living books! I just love having that excuse each time I hit the secondhand bookstore here in our city. *wink* Yes, I DID say "secondhand." That's one of the perks of using the Charlotte Mason method for our homeschool: we don't pay big bucks for textbooks,… Continue reading Where to Find Living Books in the Philippines

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Free Audiobooks for Story Time

With the recent coronavirus community quarantine, we've been staying home 24 hours a day. Although we've been a homeschooling family for many years now, we've also always been largely mobile, so it's taken a bit of adjusting. Adjustments to Community Quarantine Another adjustment is that I've taken on an online writing job with more required… Continue reading Free Audiobooks for Story Time


Using FREE Audiobooks for our Charlotte Mason Homeschool

This past weekend, I lost my voice. Since my 7yo son's AmblesideOnline Year 2 school work still requires me to read his school books aloud to him---and we had quite a few books in our Charlotte Mason homeschool---it looked like he would get to have an unexpected school break of a few days! I was… Continue reading Using FREE Audiobooks for our Charlotte Mason Homeschool

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The Power of Story

Just some random ramblings on the power of story... I'm currently reading a book called "Story Genius"┬áby Lisa Cron. Its subtitle goes: "How to Use Brain Science to Go Beyond Outlining and Write a Riveting Novel." I was pleasantly surprised at how insightful it was in explaining why excellently-written novels---what I believe Charlotte Mason would… Continue reading The Power of Story


Book Lovers as Book Sellers

As a professed book lover for as long as I can remember, it seems the most natural thing for me to love sharing books with other people----and this sharing comes in various forms: talking about books and recommending them to other people, lending books (and I've learned my lesson: I now keep what I call… Continue reading Book Lovers as Book Sellers